Hello! Welcome to my blog… sit down, grab a glass of wine and stay for a laugh or two. I hope you find something here to make you smile or think or both…x

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I love art… I love food…I love movies…but most of all I love people…x


Built with the larger figure in mind, I am funny, kind and sassy. Feed me and hand me a glass of wine and I will be happy. Please don’t be mean to me…I don’t like mean people.


I Forgot I Am Lovely

Many years ago, dear reader, I was in hospital with Mr Artist. He had fucked his knee and was getting it all made pretty again. I was at the time pregnant AGAIN…remember I have 62 million children (actually only 6) and I was very morning sick…and tired…and very morning sick. Do you think I was …

Where the Wild Things Are

  Hello dear reader…happy Tuesday! I had a truly lovely lunch on Sunday with some ladies I had never met in real life. Ladies who laugh together…cry together…shout hooray together and occasionally give a small nudge in the right direction if need be. But this lunch was our first time ever meeting face to face. …

Passive Aggressive Fuckers

This afternoon dear reader, let’s have a little discussion about passive aggressive fuckers. You know…the people who act as nice as pie and say all the right things…but their actions, dear reader or their tone of voice would suggest something completely different. Several times of late I have gone through the supermarket checkout and the …


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