Hello! Welcome to my blog… sit down, grab a glass of wine and stay for a laugh or two. I hope you find something here to make you smile or think or both…x

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I love art… I love food…I love movies…but most of all I love people…x


Built with the larger figure in mind, I am funny, kind and sassy. Feed me and hand me a glass of wine and I will be happy. Please don’t be mean to me…I don’t like mean people.


Ta Daa!

So dear reader…back out and about in my community…walking…talking.. happy….very happy! My work picture from ten years ago is my current online one until the photographer takes more pictures tomorrow …life is good…that is all I have to say !!! Have a lovely evening dear reader…Maggiemay xx

New Beginnings

Life has a funny way of being completely different to what we might expect it to be. Plans are made.Plans go to custard. Once I was 12 and had enormous ambitions for certain life outcomes…I was NEVER getting married…I was going to have a man who did ALL the house work…I would drive a RED …


Fugly Farm