And then Bam…here you are!

Hello dear reader…long time no talk. Do you remember I said more exciting news was on its way? Well hang onto your hats ….Here it comes…
Last Friday I walked out the door of my pathology job. Goodbye. Arrivederci. Sayonara!

Ten years ago I walked out the door of being a realestate agent because my needs at home were greater than my needs at work. I guess I took a really long lunch break. But the tides of time have turned and I now find myself on the precipice of going back. Back to something I really loved. Back to something I thought I had to give up forever. Sometimes you can map your whole life out and be so sure of every little detail…like you are captain of your ship….and then life gets in the way…and you learn more..and love more…and hurt more ..and then heal more than you ever imagined you possibly could …embrace where you are dear reader…sometimes it takes the long road but eventually you get to where you thought you were headed …happy Thursday Maggiemayxx

6 Replies to “And then Bam…here you are!”

  1. Dearest Maggiemay…
    Here’s wishing you much joy and hope in your new ventures. Life is a Spectacularly unpredictable companion but when she comes good she is atheist best friend you could ever have. Take care, my love…
    Cheers & best wishes always ❤️

  2. Dearest Maggiemay…..

    Hope the new job is all working out for you. Needless to say I very much miss my own special vampire drawing out my blood one or two days a week!!!!!!! Thank goodness for your blog and a glass of wine.


    1. Thankyou Dianne…I am very happy…I hope your new collector is lovely…keep reading my blog…it was fun being your vampire xx

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