Happy New Year and All That Jazz!

Hello Dear Reader…sorry for the long pause between posts…I have been a tad busy getting on with life. My new position as a real estate agent is making me soooo happy but also keeping me tres busy….then Christmas…and my 50th birthday came and went… then BAM! It was New years and 2018 before we knew it!
Are you well? Are you happy? Is every little thing moving in a direction that leaves you feeling content and ok?
I have to tell you I am digging deep and finding bits and pieces about Maggie May that I had thought were long lost and long forgotten…but bit by bit my memory is resurfacing and rebooting and it is coming together….I hope where ever you are and whatever you are doing 2018 finds you aspiring to do great things and becoming the best and most awesome you it is possible to be…MaggieMay xx

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