Musings of a Real Estate Agent

Hello Dear Reader…Since last we chatted our dear little rescue chickens have all relocated to heaven…but our two new ladies have settled in very nicely. Two eggies every day are produced and they wander happily around Fugly Farm and sometimes even pop next door for a visit (sorry Nonie and Jack xx)
Life has moved on to a busy and hectic pace…as a woman in the realm of all things real estate I work six days a week and then also answer emails and phone calls on Sunday. I am finding it to be wonderful though and love being a woman in the real estate world again.
Puppa Bear lost his job but was employed days later thank goodness. We know how to live a stressful life here…we really do.
Are you doing ok Dear Reader? Summer is all but at an end. Bring on autumn I say !
Of late there have been moments of reminicence…times past…never to be regained…but a grateful heart looking forward to what ever the future brings…I hope you are doing well Dear Reader…bye bye Summer…hello new season…welcome Autumn xx

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  1. I love Autumn also. The heat knocks me. That being said I’m not sure why I live in Sydney! Glad hubby got a new job! Both Hubby and i have new jobs… so stressful!

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