Happy New Year and All That Jazz!

Hello Dear Reader…sorry for the long pause between posts…I have been a tad busy getting on with life. My new position as a real estate agent is making me soooo happy but also keeping me tres busy….then Christmas…and my 50th birthday came and went… then BAM! It was New years and 2018 before we knew it!
Are you well? Are you happy? Is every little thing moving in a direction that leaves you feeling content and ok?
I have to tell you I am digging deep and finding bits and pieces about Maggie May that I had thought were long lost and long forgotten…but bit by bit my memory is resurfacing and rebooting and it is coming together….I hope where ever you are and whatever you are doing 2018 finds you aspiring to do great things and becoming the best and most awesome you it is possible to be…MaggieMay xx

Ta Daa!

So dear reader…back out and about in my community…walking…talking.. happy….very happy! My work picture from ten years ago is my current online one until the photographer takes more pictures tomorrow …life is good…that is all I have to say !!! Have a lovely evening dear reader…Maggiemay xx

New Beginnings

Life has a funny way of being completely different to what we might expect it to be. Plans are made.Plans go to custard. Once I was 12 and had enormous ambitions for certain life outcomes…I was NEVER getting married…I was going to have a man who did ALL the house work…I would drive a RED sports car…I was on a MISSION…and yet here we are….Just because dreams take a little longer to eventuate…don’t EVER give up..because dreams do come true…just saying…❤

Here is me ready to start my new job…taa daa…and go…😎
Have a lovely evening dear reader…Maggiemay xx

And then Bam…here you are!

Hello dear reader…long time no talk. Do you remember I said more exciting news was on its way? Well hang onto your hats ….Here it comes…
Last Friday I walked out the door of my pathology job. Goodbye. Arrivederci. Sayonara!

Ten years ago I walked out the door of being a realestate agent because my needs at home were greater than my needs at work. I guess I took a really long lunch break. But the tides of time have turned and I now find myself on the precipice of going back. Back to something I really loved. Back to something I thought I had to give up forever. Sometimes you can map your whole life out and be so sure of every little detail…like you are captain of your ship….and then life gets in the way…and you learn more..and love more…and hurt more ..and then heal more than you ever imagined you possibly could …embrace where you are dear reader…sometimes it takes the long road but eventually you get to where you thought you were headed …happy Thursday Maggiemayxx

A Soft Place to Fall

I had an incident this week with a dropped can of dog food and my little finger tip and ring finger tip. Needless to say my fingers came off second best and the can suffered no significant damage…AT ALL! It wasn’t just the cut but the bleeding that became an issue…and as we have covered in a previous post I wash my hands like a million times a day so keeping the dressing dry was next to impossible. Home I stayed.

When you stay home you have the opportunity to think.THINKING THINKING THINKING….ouch my bloody fingers hurt…but more of the deep thinking involved thoughts about feeling loved and safe and looked after when things hurt.
A soft place to fall. I love those words. Everyone needs a soft place to fall. The feeling of having your heart guarded no matter what.
Do you have a soft place to fall dear reader? I really hope so. My beautiful daughter sent me this today and I really, really love it…

I hope all is well at your place tonight and that someone has your back…no matter what…have a great weekend dear reader…Maggiemay xx

Crazy Changes

Once upon a time there was a blended family with some pretty awesome members. They got up each morning and attended to their daily tasks with polite acceptance. At the end of the pay period there was not a lot of bang for their buck. Most of the bills got paid with some diplomatic negotiations between Mumma Bear and the bank or service providers. This dear reader, is a polite way of saying we were as poor as fucking church mice and struggling to keep our heads above water.
One day, however, Papa Bear (best known to you dear reader as Mr Artist) said “Fuck this shit!” and got a different job and the whole family said thank goodness and Mumma Bear (it’s me you know right?!!!) never had to talk to the bank EVER again. This may well be a personal fantasy, but let me have it just for a short while! Go on!

Previous conversations with our financial institution followed a tired and repetitive theme. “You are behind in your repayments…is there a reason why?”
Having explained our less income to more repayment ratio on a very regular basis did not ever make Mumma Bear feel like a valued and desired customer. Having to say every time that all our extra income was tied up in some other offshore banking requirements …eg groceries and fuel…tres exciting shit, but true. The financial institution didnt ever seem to gel with this concept and desired a different explanation every single month. You know if it was a romantic relationship I would have broken up with them waaaay before now…their clingy, whingy, demanding ways are dreadfully draining.

Mumma Bear wanted nothing more than to make up some interesting dialogue to mix it up a little…”I am investing in a rocket project…your money will be though once I get it launched “… or sometimes she just wanted to say things like…”I thought buying new frocks was a much better option than making the house rapayments”….or ” I have taken up gambling as a new hobby and popped your money through the poker machine this week just for shits and giggles…sorry”.

Sometimes life has a way of throwing you curve balls and you just have to deal with what you have been given. Watch this space dear reader…there may well be more exciting news to tell soon…one thing is for sure though…it will take me zero seconds to stop giving a flying fuck about the bank and it’s dicky ways. I hope today is kind to you…Maggiemay xx


I Forgot I Am Lovely

Many years ago, dear reader, I was in hospital with Mr Artist. He had fucked his knee and was getting it all made pretty again. I was at the time pregnant AGAIN…remember I have 62 million children (actually only 6) and I was very morning sick…and tired…and very morning sick. Do you think I was morning sick, dear reader…yes I was thanks for noticing. In the bed next to Mr Artist there was an old man in stripey jammies who had some strong opinions about things. I sat on the edge of Mr Artist’s bed and this charming old bastard said very loudly…”You would have been very pretty when you were younger”.

Wtaf…you heard right dear reader…he actually opened his flappy gums and said those words out loud…to me. You can’t unhear such words once they exit someone’s mouth and enter your ears. It burns a mark somewhere inside your heart and rattles around in there for future evaluation and pondering.
Why do people say mean things? Why do we let them get to us? Mr Artist placated me nicely but I still second guessed myself. Am I old.? Am I ugly? Has this 62nd millionth pregnancy spelt out the very end of me as I knew me?

I have to tell you I have been younger and I have been skinnier but I have never felt more sexy or alive or passionate about life as I do at the gates of turning 50. I had a period of time when life, the world, the universe became very tricky and sad and painful and I lost the essence of “me” …but dear reader..the bitch is back! I had forgotten I was lovely…I have survived dreadful times…I have grown and birthed and fed 6 wonderful humans…they have gone on to start making humans of their own (some of them…not all !!!) I have worked hard to not only survive but to thrive.

My dear old nan used to say… “Watch the next five moves very carefully ” and I definitely think there is a lot of Kit flowing through these veins. So dear reader…if you are doubting yourself or feeling a little jaded just remember how lovely you are…Maggiemay x

Where the Wild Things Are


Hello dear reader…happy Tuesday! I had a truly lovely lunch on Sunday with some ladies I had never met in real life. Ladies who laugh together…cry together…shout hooray together and occasionally give a small nudge in the right direction if need be. But this lunch was our first time ever meeting face to face. We are part of an online group of sassy, funny, warm women.
There is something quite magical about meeting like minded people. Something that overlooks differences from all walks of life…all stereotypes…doesnt matter if you’re short, tall, near or far, young or old. When ladies like us lunch it’s wonderful.

There was however an interesting interloper to our little soiree. Maybe she or he heard our raucous laughing and just had to check out what all the fuss was about. This was the initial standpoint for our friend…

Then it moved into a more interactive position. It’s little asshole was twitching like a twitchy thing right above me. I was sure it was going to shit either on me or in my handbag.

Eventually it pissed off and peace ensued. Delightful.
Thankyou ladies for such a lovely lunch. You know who you are..and I will definitely know if you’re reading my blog now or not… wont I?  😉 Maggiemay x

Passive Aggressive Fuckers

This afternoon dear reader, let’s have a little discussion about passive aggressive fuckers. You know…the people who act as nice as pie and say all the right things…but their actions, dear reader or their tone of voice would suggest something completely different.
Several times of late I have gone through the supermarket checkout and the cashier has said all the correct things. “Hello….How are you? Busy day?” Then instead of putting the bag of groceries near me…they have placed it just out of my reach. I move forward and the next bag is placed yet again just out of my reach. I have at this point walked around the security checker to where the designated spot has now eventuated…only for the next bag to be placed in the original spot I was standing and as far away from where I am now. Mmmm?
Next visit to the supermarket I think..”I’ve got this worked out” and I reach for the bag before the woman has a chance to fuck me over. “I’m sorry…I have a bad back I can’t lift the bags up to you” she smiles sweetly and then lifts them as far away from me as possible and puts them on the furthest edge of the thingy. Hmmm…bad enough back not to help me but not bad enough not to fuck me over. Interesting.

Whilst purchasing chops from the butchers for the father’s day bbq extravaganza, I placed my order then stood quietly waiting for the nice butcher to bag it and tag it. A man who had been served right at the other end of the butcher’s display case had made his way across to where I was standing but I thought he was looking in the “specials” fridge behind me . I stepped towards the cash register in the middle of the display case and the mystery shopper muttered..” thankyou” in a most uncharitable tone and immediately stepped into the space I had been standing. Now I had no idea he was waiting for me…a simple “excuse me” or a jovial “move it toots” could have lightened the entire mood and I of course said “oops I’m sorry”. As I hopped into my car the man walked out of the shop and gave me a death stare.  Wtf?!!!

How do you handle such passive agressive fuckery dear reader? Mr Artist suggested I place my credit card just out if reach of the supermarket cashier and say “I’m too poor to lift it any higher.” Not quite sure how I could have fixed the mystery shopper situation though. Maybe a stealth fart to keep him company as I stepped out of his precious way?!!!


Have a fun evening dear reader…MaggieMay x

Where the Lost Things Go

Working in pathology means I wash my hands a million times a day. Wash..wash…wash…dry… dry… dry. Every now and again I look at my wrinkled hands and think…gee I better put a bit of hand cream on those suckers. Today was no exception. Today, however, I realised my pretty little heart ring was no longer on my hand.😔 Luckily I retraced my steps and found it sitting quietly by itself and so this story has a happy ending.

But what about all the things we lose but can never regain?  Loved ones who are  no longer with us…loves who no longer love us…lives we once lived but are now being enjoyed by someone else, not us…treasures lost but never found? What can we do with a broken heart that no matter how many steps you retrace you can’t regain what was lost?

A new season can be the beginning of finding hope after losing something or someone precious. Not forgetting the lost but carrying them or it with us in our hearts… until.  And until is a many and varied thing. What sets your heart aflutter may be the undoing of me and vice versa. Many years ago I remember saying…” I will be ok when…” but unfortunately once I arrived at the “when” I still felt like shit. At that moment I realised “when” walks with me. I need to find happiness where I am. Even amidst  the darkest, sadest days, I need to find some happiness and hold onto that sunshiny wonderfulness for dear life.

On the day I lost my ring, my earring jumped ship and landed in the kitchen sink and then my beautiful bracelet dropped off and onto the floor after my shower. Seriously, what the fuck?  Is the universe trying to tell me something?  No life is just a complicated and mysterious thing dear reader and it is in fact nearly christmas and my 50th birthday…so maybe the gift fairy might drop down upon me and shower me with wonderful small shiny gifts! You never know dear reader…you just never know what’s around the corner. The new could be even more amazing than you ever imagined!  Maggiemay xx